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Default Re: This has been a rough week~got triggered~

Originally Posted by Amethyst_Stargazer View Post
I Sometimes you just have to be careful who you speak too, overtime they will reveal their true colors. The moment someone treats me unfairly again, I'm not even going to try to speak with them, I'll just block. Talking with Abusers is nearly impossible and exhausting. And I'm sure others can relate with me.
This is EXACTLY what keeps happening to me! I am so sorry that you have to go through this. We have an impeccable ability to detect abuse and when we do, we have to listen to it. Our gut has been trained to detect danger because danger has been prevalent in our lives. This is something we mistakenly disregard as, "hyper-vigilance," or, "paranoia," when it actual fact it is a survival instinct and extemely valuable information.

Abusers are everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't abuse. It is a horrible and lonely feeling to know that so much psychopathy and sociopathy and narcissism exists around us and we just desperately need someone who is NOT that way.

Certainly, we can be wrong about someone, but when they trigger us this bad, it is wise to take time away and process what happened. I know I have fine-tuned by hypervigilance so that I can determine if it is a red flag, yellow flag or green flag. These things are absolutely necessary to healing. Trust your gut - people like are are human lie detectors because we are always looking for signs of mistrust or potential abuse.

Any letting your guard down is okay. It means you are healing, but the good news is you still detected it. Some people remain oblivious to the red flags until it is too late.

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