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Default Re: Neurofeedback Therapy

Koru_Kiwi Oh, wow! That training with Sebern Fisher must have been amazing! I bet you learned so much... that's really neat that you were able to do that. I'm a little jealous Does anything stick out as memorable to you?

re: Keeping track of symptoms. I haven't done a great job with this. I do fill out a "training chart" for my provider, basically what I did (he puts new protocols there for me), how long, etc... then notes on my reactions. I have access to that, so I can review it at any point. But it's not really a day-to-day tracking of things, just reactions to training.

He also has me do surveys at night ("how was your day?") and in the morning ("how did you sleep?") - that have several questions to rate, and free form answers to just blab (though I wonder how much of it he's actually reading!) I don't really have access to those once I submit them though.

It's a really good idea... did you do it totally free-form, like a journal?

I need to give a little thought to how I can maybe make it useful, but also not repeat too much. I think it might be helpful, if I organize it (to avoid a huge wall of text), to jot things down during the day. I find it hard to remember things accurately over the course of the day... like I might be really miserable early in the day, but if I feel better in the evening, I tend to forgot the earlier feelings.

Thanks for the idea!

I don't remember seeing anything about sugar in the book, but now I'm curious. I struggle with sugar (forever, since way before NF) . One of the things I loved about the first protocol was that I felt less sugar cravings... I think I had more energy, so I didn't need the sugar to prop me up as much.

tree7car Hi! I'm really happy this is helpful! I wish I was further along and had great things to report but I'm still figuring it out, obviously! If you have an online provider list for your insurance, you might see if anyone is listed under "biofeedback" - I've read that sometimes therapists can get covered for "biofeedback", and will use that to bill insurance for neurofeedback (which is technically a specialized form of biofeedback).

I wish it was easier to find good providers, and easier to afford.


Tonight I finished the last test protocol. So the 3 were:
- C3 (left side of head) - made me a little depressed
- C4 (right side of head, using the right ear as reference) - super relaxing, but made me feel really lazy too, nice though!
- Tonight: Pz (back of head, hard to take pictures to get the placement checked!) - seemed to make me irritable. I'm unsure if it's this, or just the last couple days in general, since I've been drifting back to feeling kind of miserable and hating my life, and this seemed to just... mirror those feelings back, I think?

It was weird, because as soon as it started... I was annoyed/irritated by the sounds around me, the refrigerator motor was too loud and in the way of me listening to the reward sounds, the computer fan started to make noise, my neighbor was walking around and I could hear her. This stuff was surely going on during other trainings, but didn't annoy me nearly as much.

The plus side, the annoyance is also a tiny bit energizing... so I was able to pick up a little bit after, rather than just lay around and think about how I feel (ha!).

I check in with the trainer again on Friday. I might see if I can catch him on chat tomorrow and ask about doing the first protocol again, but for just 10-15 minutes, since I still think it had the *best* effects, and only made me sick b/c of the time. (Lowering the times on these last 3 has fixed the nausea, as far as I can tell.)
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