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Default Re: Help please. Is my wife a narcissist?

Originally Posted by Atypical_Disaster View Post
Regardless of the label, she's clearly afflicted with some sort of pathology and she's also clearly toxic to you.
Pathological for sure.

Below are some major points you made:

Originally Posted by ccrider22 View Post

Anything that takes my attention away from her upsets her or makes her mad.

My wife expects automatic compliance with her wishes. It doesn't matter what I'm doing or how important it is she expects me to drop it and comply with what she wants.

I see where she has very little empathy.

My wife likes to dress very provocatively.

She plays the victim very well and tells everyone how controlling and mentally abusive that I am.

I feel as though I can't ever give her enough or provide her with enough money, vacations or my attention etc etc.

I feel like nothing I ever do is good enough for her. I feel like I live in a world that is just all about her.

I need for someone to tell her that she is a narcissist.
Everything you shared about her is a bad news:

-Constant need for an attention (not just from you but from other men), jealousy, want to isolate you to herself

-The double-standard: She is allowed to get attention from other men, but she doesn't want you to get attention from even your own daughter (Are you kidding me?!)

-Unreasonable and unrealistic demands

-Lack of empathy

-Playing the victim along with psychological projection and smearing


You may want to read this article on what happens when you tell a narcissist she is a narcissist:

Here's What Happens When You Tell Narcissists They're Narcissists Revisited

I want to be optimistic, but I am not sure if she has the capability to admit to anything wrong on her part and take responsibility for it. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't try. Even if it doesn't work out, it may give you peace to know that at least you tried.

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