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Default Re: Am I a lesbian?

Im sorry but we cant answer whether you are a lesbian or not, whether you are/ were attracted to the girls in your school. those are things only you can answer.

as for whether you didnt want to play in gym because you would rather watch is being a lesbian I can tell you know. many people in this world from all walks of life do not enjoy sports and exercising their self but do like watching.

being a lesbian means you enjoy having sex with women. going to get a bit graphic here..

its things like

kissing a woman and discovering you liked it, that it made you feel good inside and made you want to do it more.

you smell a woman and you enjoy their smell. (not as in perfume, every human being has their own body odors that are not from sweating. these are natural odors.)

you enjoy touching a woman and having another woman touch you in very private places on the body.

you enjoy the taste of a woman's body even the intimate parts of a body.

One thing I have noticed that many people label their selves as being a lesbian without actually understanding what that is. I have encountered so many people in my life that automatically jumped to the conclusion that they were lesbians simply because they enjoy how a woman's body looks.

human beings are a social species so its natural to enjoy beautiful things including another human beings body shape, size, how they dress, walk and talk. these things are all superficial and dont say whether a person is gay or lesbian or bi....

bottom line is if you are a lesbian you have had sex with both men and women and now you know what pleases you....

after having sex with both genders you will know whether you enjoy....

oral sex with a man or woman
touching with a man or woman
kissing with a man or woman

lesbian sex is a lot of oral, lots of touching, lots of kissing and lots of other things too. iuts not about whether a woman across the room is wearing really cool clothing or exercises in gym class. its all about which you enjoy having sex with. the rest...

being with them, how they look, how they walk and talk is superficial, enjoyable oh yes lol but the superficial doesnt define whether you are a lesbian or not.

my suggestion is dont worry about putting labels on your sexuality. in time and with experience you will learn which gender you prefer for a sexual partner.
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