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Default Re: Diabetes Support Thread

That is great, marylin! My scale is also down a bit, down the next five or so, not a decade yet. It's fluctuating down. My scale doesnt usually fluctuate "down", IYKWIM. My sugar is staying around 180, plus or minus 10.

I ordered pizza the other day, but with "thin and crispy" crust, and NO pepperoni. The calorie count was like one fourth for 270. I used to have a rule that, i could only eat something if i could do the total calorie calculation in my head!

I am trying to stick to 1200 calories also. I am still fridgeless. I am now also breadless. I am feeling much better, and i think im looking a LITTLE less round.

I think this thread is really helping me. I finally found something im sticking to, knock on wood.
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