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Default Re: Neurofeedback Therapy

Originally Posted by guilloche View Post
Koru_Kiwi Oh, wow! That training with Sebern Fisher must have been amazing! I bet you learned so much... that's really neat that you were able to do that. I'm a little jealous Does anything stick out as memorable to you?
meeting Sebern and spending two and a half days with her was such a fantastic opportunity for me (and my husband). there were less than 12 practitioners for the training session (which was organised through my NFB practitioner and his practice) so it was very small and hubby and i had quite a few opportunities to talk one on one with her. she shared some personal info about herself, including her own struggles in her past therapy with her psychodynamic T and how NFB helped her. i found what she shared incredibly helpful especially since i too was having struggles with my own psychodynamic T, many struggles that were similar to hers. upon ending the seminar, while saying good bye and thanking her, she offered me some touching words of wisdom and encouragement with a kind hug. i was touched by it.

the sugar reference may have been Sebern sharing some of her own accounts at the training session i attended. unfortunately, i can't quite recall if she wrote about it in her book or not.

it sounds like your T is doing a good job of encouraging you to take note of how you are feeling during and soon after training with the surveys. when i kept notes about my symptoms, it was more just quickly jotting down things as they popped up. i didn't go into great detail. the only things i would record in detail were some of the vivid dreams that would come up a night or two after a training session. to me, many of these vivid type dreams seemed to have some relevance to the what i was processing at the time and i would bring them to my talk therapy sessions to discuss further and explore the significance. i always wondered if the NFB helped to trigger or 'draw out' these quite vivid dreams.
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