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Default Re: Healthy parenting and chronic pain next to each other

I am sorry, the first thing about the forums being side by side was my tongue in cheek humor since I have a daughter I am worried about and have chronic pain. I did not say it well at all. She s a pain, I have pain. Doc gets teased sometimes in good humor with our own foibles as humans. I thought it was ironic but was in a bad mood and did not write it well. The second was my venting over a local paper and the people who hang out in the chat place for comments on articles. There are 2, and one of them sees everything written as a bad thing, a problem. We are looking for a missing kid here and he complains that it's taking too much police time. So I was poking fun at the complaining and my complaining and complaining about everything in general. Some people just do. Sorry for the confusion.
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