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Default Re: Adult with Asperger Syndrome

@Skeezyks : Thanks for the links, it's helpful. "people & caregivers forum" will be very helpful. Thank you so much.

@MickeyCheeky : Thanks for such nice words. I really wanted to cry as i read but tears don't come easily. It has been such a painful journey and i have fought hard but the latest episode has left me wondering, am i in right direction?
I am in touch with a Psychiatrist and medication has been prescribed but compliance becomes an issue from time to time. Things were improving a bit for sometime before he went off medication and i had never imagined in my wildest of dreams that it will reverse all my efforts for years. He is now rude, abusive, hates us, stay out till late, wants to trust stangers rather than us, wants to spend lots of money.
His biggest issue is, he has very poor social skills and hardly has any friends. People make fun of him or are rude to him at time. So this leave only me and my mother to help him. As we guide him, we try to stop him from crossing some boundaries which he never likes and hates us for it. It leaves us clueless as to what to do. he demands money and tries more and more, so we need to stop somewhere and we become his enemy.
Due to lack of friends, he relies on facebook or at times random people, then meets them which creates a difficult scenario as those are total strangers. If we intervene, again we are enemies, and it leaves us completely helpless. I understand from his perspective that it is his only source of social circle but it makes him vulnerable especially bcoz IQ is slightly above borderline.
His IQ is not great so its difficult to reason when he really wants something. he is fed up of being told that he needs to correct something, or change or learn new things. So his defence is that "what if you might be wrong, you always think negative". If he ends up in a mess then its gods fault.
It leaves me clueless and sometimes hopeless. Medicine is my only hope but its been a month and results are not to be seen with things becoming worse[same medicine has helped in past].
At times feeling is that my hands are tied and i am being beaten up, i just can't do anything. Even if i am frustrated, i have to be polite...cannot afford to be angry. But there are times i just cannot control myself but then it bounces back on me, as he moves away from us and at times into isolation.

By alternate medicine i meant Homeopathy, people say it can work but i want to hear from someone if it helped them.

His support system is me, whom he hates. So in a way, a support system which chases him rather him using it.

At times i feel, how long can i continue like this ? But if i dont support, this person will be on roads it seems. I want to do as much as i can but it feels nothing is sufficient. Going through these cycles of episodes has taken a big toll on me. Its been more than 20 years i have supported him and i just didn't want this to happen again. Its like creating a house of sand which takes years of effort and then just one gust of wind...everything blows away.

Its good to be on this forum atleast i share my heart out. World i general cannot even relate to my problem.
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