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Default Something beautiful arising from trauma

Hello PC friends,

some of you may know from another thread that my significant other and I experienced intense trauma recently. It honestly feels like suddenly starring in a horror film but we don't know when the film will end. PC folks have responded to my trauma posts with astounding grace, insight, and empathy. That is beautiful and I am deeply grateful. In addition, three relatives (I grew up in a highly dysfunctional family) have responded to news of our trauma with kindness and love. They cannot be with us in person but their empathy means a great deal to us.

I share this because I know that a lot of members here have experienced trauma's pain, fear, and loss. I wanted to share something beautiful which can arise from it. I hope it happens for each of you.

And please know that I am not in any way trying to suggest that trauma is a desirable or easy experience. I am not negating or diminishing your pain and sorrows. I only want to provide you with hope and solace.

Take good care of yourselves

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