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Default Re: I've been bullied in the public by community members too

Originally Posted by Alpha03 View Post
I did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong.

There is a man called A from Tip and around 2013 near easter sunday and he called me and started to be sarcastic and take the diss out of me and everyone in the background was laughing. The proof is in the phone recording if the company allows me to retrieve it.

-He wanted someone to volunteer for the camera's

Another time was a lady called V where for some reason she goes in front of other women "look at him he doesn't talk" in front of 50 or odd female spectatators at a sport match in front of me, and another time in front of many others, I mean the audacity to act like that in front of me and with many, many others watching and put in a uncomfortable situation knowing full well I'm a shy person? This was in 2012 and 2013.

Seriously, this person just wanted to humilate me

-I was just fielding, doing my own thing and at another time getting a drink.
-The way she behaved is unjustified, there's no need to put someone on the spot like that.

Another time she did the same thing on the stage, she goes "where's me" maybe wanting others to laugh.

-Is there a reason for this? She only did it to me, she called up the sports team members and when she said this, she already knew I was there

in 2014 there a lady called K and everyone heard this, while I was fielding in a sports match in August 2014 which she was sitting with the ladies as a spectator where the spectators were sitting, she goes loudly while I was encouraging my team mates "look at how he talks" "look at how he talks". She didn't even offer an apology and no body told her off. So many people were there.

-I was encouragement my team mates, surely nothing wrong with that?

Approax about 40 minutes later when it was our time to bat I walked past all the ladies while they were sitting to go to find my batting partner and they all started to laugh while I was walking past them and they laughed some more as I tried to find my batting partner, laughing was is ok, but to laugh 3 more times after that while I went to find him? They was looking at me and laughed more and more.

-I already said, I was just walking and looking for my team mate and they all laughed and kept laughing
I'm really sorry that this has happened to you! Have you thought about letting other people know that you might be a victim of being stalk and ask that these people be removed?
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