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Default Rotator cuff tear or surgery anyone?

8 months ago I was reaching way above my head on a step stool to get my huge cast iron pot. It started to slip and to prevent it falling on my head my arms reached way back above and over my head and I felt pain. The pain was very bad. My primary thought I had developed deltoid tendinitis and sent me to a pain management doctor. I did PT and in December he gave me a steroid injection that lasted a week. I have weakness and pain all the time and it gets bad sometimes. I can't lay on it, I have problems combing my hair and getting dressed and almost all lifting. The pain management doc is really nice and he did prescribe me 5mg of oxycodone not to be taken more than once a day. It works pretty well. When I have taken it it manages the pain but I do not take it regularly or often because I have to be very careful with addictive substances.

On New Year's day I lifted a heavy bag into the trunk of my car and aggravated it in an acute manner so the pain has been pretty intense. In December I got a steroid injection which only lasted a week. I was in with my primary about two weeks ago and she did another exam and wondered if it was my rotator cuff. So I have an appointment with my hand surgeon (who does shoulders too). Since then I have been reading about RC injuries. I am afraid I will be starting from the beginning and that he is going to want to try PT and injections again, although I cant have another injection for 2 more months. Personally I think it may need surgical intervention. I have Sjogren's so that is another issue that affects my bones and joints. Has anyone had this type of surgery? Did it help? Was it easy to recover from or super painful? I had joint replacement and carpal tunnel surgery already so I am not too worried about pain- if it means eliminating the problem. Sometimes the pain radiates down to my elbow and sometimes it feels like it throbs. I am an active person, never really sitting still. I havent been able to do my yoga or really any upper body exercises. What do you all think? Does my prognosis look good-whatever the solution is? I am ok with needing surgery. In fact, because I have already had non-surgical interventions I would rather solve the problem once and for all. I was taking an intro to teaching class when my son had a stroke so I would like to get to the bottom of this before re-enrolling. I am only 43-soon to be 44 and I do not feel old. I don't know how someone in their 40's is supposed to feel but generally I feel good and I am blessed with the life I have. Any input or info or comments are welcome.

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