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Originally Posted by HopefullyLost1211 View Post
One more thought for you Steph since this school anxiety issue is close to my heart...

if you think it could help your daughter I would be willing to write a note here on PC sharing how I struggled with feeling sick before school and had panic attacks. I would emphasize how I was able to move beyond that. I could post such a note right here on the thread for you to read or in a PM to yourself. You would of course review it and decide if you'd like to share it with her. In my first career, I worked with children (I now care for adults) so I think I can write it at a level that makes sense to a 9 yr old. I also have a niece who is 11 and she has a lot of anxiety about school due to relational aggression from some girls in her class. Though I realize that does not sound like your daughter's specific problem. My goal would be to give her hope that she will not always feel overwhelmed by panic.

Just an idea for you Steph. No offense taken if you don't think it's a good idea.

Good luck!
—-I so agree with your remarks. I was very anxious as a child, stomach aches being the main symptom, perfectionistic, teachers pet, and extremely introverted. Learning tools for coping with anxiety would have helped tremendously. I cant stress that enough. Anxiety disorder and depression occurred in the family, so I wish that had been monitored. Vigorous exercise is vital, even walking a dog might help if she doesn’t like exercise. Since the social aspect is so important, I wouldn’t home school without creating a wealth of social opportunities.
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