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Default Re: Rotator cuff tear or surgery anyone?

When I went to PT recovering from my knee ACL reconstruction there was a lady in there that had RC surgery. The PT after any joint surgery is difficult to get the joint moving again but the results are very successful. PT is critical to keep scar tissue from forming. One can end up with a "frozen shoulder" if not conscientious with the PT.

One of my friends here had the surgery a few years ago & it was successful.

I have had shoulder pain for awhile also. Aggrevated last summer when putting my saddle on my 17.2 hand horse (way above my head) It feels better when I don't haul around 50 lb bags if grain. Not sure what damage is going on inside the shoulder. I also pinched a nerve that made me whole shoulder, arm & fingers numb last summer also. That has completely gone away on it's own. It was horrible because everything felt so much heavier & more difficult to pick up. I couldn't pin point anything specific for the cause of either problem as you have. Injuries are such a "pain".

Usually a surgeon will ask what treatments have already been tried. Usually one doesn't end up at a surgeon until last resort & they usually know that but check previous treatments. They can tell just by moving the joint pretty much what is wrong with it.

My ortho that did my knee was amazing. He hekd above & below my knee & moved the joint & knew instantly it was an ACL problem.

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