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Default Understanding amnesia w/ me as subject

I think that I made a break through (aha) on understanding amnesia by talking on FB about it as to what it truly is as it is experienced by me, not by what I thought.

Iíve often wrote that I am aware of something happens when not present, but thatís not true because of perception. I perceive it as I always being conscious by saying the lights are always on which is true to me, but the missing memories say other wise of which Iím not aware of.

There are so many blanks in my day that my mind just glosses over them paying them no mind which leads to the feeling of not missing any time or memory which is our normal.

This really just helps me to understand whatís really happening because knowing oneself can be difficult at times with misconceptions based on personal definitions and conclusions.

Is this important? Maybe it is, maybe it isnít. Amnesia has always been a tricky thing to nail down.

Anyways, ďI seeĒ said the blind person.
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