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Default Re: Provigil?

Sometimes Nuvigil is cheaper. I know that was true when Nuvigil was new; they wanted to sell it so they made provigil much more expensive than Nuvigil and it sounds like that may still be true as 10 years ago I paid out of pocket for Nuvigil and it was about $400/month I think.

There is a patient assistance program that may help him get access to Nuvigil (provigil is generic so it won't have patient assistance anymore). If he could get a script for that the application is on the website. It will say he doesn't qualify because he has insurance (Medicare) but they will grant exemptions if it is still too expensive/income too low for the copay. I've gotten a number of meds this way, including Nuvigil. I just include a note with the application explaining I can't afford the copay and they approve it. With Nuvigil they may be picky about what the diagnosis is, not sure about that.
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