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Default Re: Neurofeedback Therapy

More headaches today... not sure if it's from NF yesterday, or just stress (noisy dogs next door).

But, I looked through my notes from the last 12 days or so. 8 days with headaches. Of 12. I'm sort of freaking out... that's a lot.

I checked my notes (it's a food journal, but I tend to write down how I'm feeling and if I need to take any medicine) from just before I started NF.

Out of 12 days pre-NF, I had one definitely headache day, and one that might have been (I just wrote down that I wasn't feeling well, but no details). So maybe 2/12

It's possible there were more, but they weren't bad enough to write about... but still...

2/12 versus 8/12 is an increase of 4x!

I was planning to train tomorrow, but I think I'm going to post to trainer to ask him about this. I'm kind of losing hope here

Last session was the C4 (12-15) - for 12 minutes. I was kind of tired/fuzzy after, slept for several hours in the afternoon and basically hung out in bed for a good part of the day. I don't think I needed sleep (it was Saturday and I had slept in) so... probably not a great effect. He wants me to do 15 minutes at C4 with a slight decrease, but I think I'm going to double check... at this point, I think 15 minutes of anything is probably too much.

It would be so much easier if I didn't have to deal with work while also trying to get this all sorted out.
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