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Default Re: Second nerve block procedure

Nerve blocks can and do work. But they also can do nothing if they donít have the correct diagnosis or botch the procedure. Iíve never heard of one giving more than a years relief. If pain persists they should give you something for it but unless you find the right doc that can be a very hard thing to do. Most doctors today are afraid of prescribing pain medication because of the ď overdose epidemic ď. All I know is that itís very hard for the legitimate chronic pain sufferers to get the treatment they really need. Itís a sad situation.
Docs will usually go with the most conservative treatment. Physical therapy is usually at the top of the list. Unfortunately, until they come up with a pain medication that is not addictive and actually works, leaving you able to function in the process, itís going to be a tough road . The problem is most pain docs donít know what the heck theyíre doing.
Itís a day to day thing and all we can do is pray for some relief, someway, somehow. Good luck.....
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