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Default Re: How are you feeling right now #3

Hey! Guess what! I got kicked out of therapy! Apparently, I make my therapist feel bad (that's the short version).

I actually totally agree that our styles were just not meshing at all. But the fact that she feels like I'm judging and mocking her (which I swear, was not ever my intent) - maybe says she still has some issues to work on?

I don't know. I feel crappy and am fighting back tears. Going to head to the therapy subforum to write, I think. Maybe. But overall, was already feeling bad... and then my day got a whole lot worse.

Especially love the wasted money on this session, thanks. I ended up leaving 30 minutes in because, really, what else could be said? She wanted me to stay and "work through the feelings" but given that she hasn't helped me with any other feelings, why?


*working on keeping my head above water*
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