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I am on max allowed dosage (for my labs) on Synthroid. I get iron IV.

Sleep lab would be interesting but no access. According to my friend whom I share a room with at times, I do not stop breathing, but I do snore some. She on the other hand does have apneas, but they said they are too few to treat. And she snores like an elephant! LOL.

I'm just sad and confused what crushed my life spirit. I haven't been "here" before.

I sort of got instant punishment for complaining, not long after that I got a herniated disc in my back.

One thing irks me though, it was that my friend went through the exactly same mental stuff, the "not really depression" tiredness and lack of a spark, he came out to have cancer and died just 3 months after finding out.

It's nothing I'm fearful of but I do wonder if with some illness, our minds will mirror it, before docs get to us.
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