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Default Re: Rotator cuff tear or surgery anyone?

Originally Posted by Rushlady View Post
Hello Sweets I am a registered nurse who has worked twenty plus years in the operating room. I also suffered a shoulder injury. Eventually you will need a MRI for confirmation of what exactly is wrong. I would also recommend someone who specializes in shoulder surgery. There is a MAJOR difference between hands and shoulders.
Hi and thanks for responding! My doctor is hands/wrists and shoulders so thats why I chose him. I saw him yesterday and he is sending me for an MRI which is scheduled for tuesday. He checked me for "frozen" shoulder which I had never heard of but he was able to move my arm so thats not it. He feels it could be a tear due to the acute onset of symptoms after an injury and having it get worse over 8 months.
Post surgery there will be pain and you must have physical therapy. The pain can be managed, I know there is a lot of fear out theere regarding becoming addicted. If you have pain and take the medication appropriately you do not have to worry about addition.
I had three hand surgeries last year and I was ok with the pain medication.

If there is a tear the only way to fix a tear is surgery. You are young and healthy. You should have the surgery if there is a tear. Now, if there is not a tear then try the NSAID's and PT. Perhaps you can avoid surgery. Also going back to the shoulder specialist, see him get his advice. If he recommends PT go to the therapy place that he recommends. It is a benefit to go to the therapists who know the doc and work with that particular physician.
Yes he said surgery for a tear and the sooner the better. I am ok with that. I was taking a class i had to drop in November because my 22 year old son had a stroke and if I want to take it again this has to get fixed first. The issue I will have if its bursitis tendonitis is I cant take any NSAIDS, I had gastric bypass, I have an ulcer and I have barretts esophogus so they are absolutely on the no-no list. I did PT already and I know how integral it is post surgery.
Thank you so much for your advice. You basically just confirmed everything he said yesterday which is really comforting.
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