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Default Re: No sleep

I can't sleep either

their's more chance of practicing quiditch with harry potter at hogwarts than their is of me sleeping.

nothing works for me

medication never seems strong enough,

music makes me want to go and play with the volume (I am obsessed with playing with switches)

meditation triggers my creative mind, and before you know it i'm at my computer writing a story/poem

quiet rooms just make me want to turn the music/ tv up so it isn't quiet.

reading doesn't work because if I find it boring, I'll just go to my creative writing and do a chapter or 2

boring tv shows don't work because i'm quick to switch over to something more interesting, and then i'm focussed on that show

counting sheep (whhich I never really believed in anyway) makes me want to imagine what the sheep are doing, and sing a song about them

just lying their doesn't work because I don't get tired (I don't get the signals to rest) and my back hurts too much from the fibro so sooner or later I look for a distraction
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