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Default Re: negative habits ruining my life

Oh, I see!

If AA / NA etc. aren't helping, stop going - they are not evidence-based anyway (meaning that there have not been controlled studies to prove that they are helping). You should only avail yourself of treatment modalities that are actually helping and should not feel obligated to go anywhere because this is what others do.

Also, is "harm reduction" available to you in the UK? There the goal is not sobriety, but reduction of usage and harm - it is not a black-and-white approach, it is more attainable, it does not set you up for failure, so if you have not tried it, look up a harm reduction treatment center. I do not know if they are available in the UK - in continental Europe, apparently they are.

Marrying your husband was a big thing! Not something to overlook, but a significant accomplishment of yours - he seems to be a caring man.

Again, not sure if you can get it in the UK without having to wait for a long time, but have you considered therapy to not feel so overwhelming, arresting fear?

Why are you drinking and using drugs - what meaning do these activities have for you, what mental states do you achieve by substance use and what uncomfortable feelings are you trying to drown by using alcohol?
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