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Default Re: Daily Check In Thread for those with an eating disorder of any kind #2

Sticking to the program like glue. Weight loss, however, is slow to nonexistent. There are some factors beyond my control. One thing we found out--I really, REALLY should not have dairy. You don't want to know why. Having switched to plant-based protein, let's see what kind of effect it has on me.

Hubby no longer sabotaging things for me. Right now he's maybe not making the best choices, but that's his program, not mine. At least he's letting me do me, and if he's going to relapse, I don't have to go with him.
I have written the story of my life and recovery, and was given permission to place the link in my signature.

Please be warned that parts of it can be triggering if you are sensitive to descriptions of abuse. I'm not using anybody's real names, including my own.
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