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Originally Posted by captaineo View Post
Thank you TLC, all. Another problem besides loneliness and depression I have is I am very sensitive to noise, example people clearing their throats all the time or doing it very loudly, you can tell when itís a genuine one and one which is just to annoy someone. Happens in every country but mobbing in Japan is very common specially if you are a foreigner, and now with the trade wars, Carlos Ghosn allegedly stealing money from Nissan, there is a frenzy going on anti foreign nationals. I hate it and this translates to the bullying and behavior around by this type of noises coughing, clearing the throat, sniffing, drives me crazy. On good days I can simply ignore on bad days I react and is not good because then I feel guilty or I feel bad about my self for letting them get to me. Appreciate your advise
I understand. I am myself very solitary person; my parents taught me to never trust people and that the world is a very cruel place. They've various disorders of the mind and brain... I think I inherited all of it (or at least most of it -- genetic mutations shouldn't be common) BUT I am a very people person and I love to help people solve their problems... but as things have turned out, no matter how hard I try, I can never be like the other teenagers or young adults... everyone thinks I am different. Everyone. So involuntary to my will, I've to live a solitary life and I am trying to convince myself I am better off that way.

Anything else?
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