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Wow, how ballsy of the other T to outright ask about a crush on T. I am a bit shocked by your answer though.

I think it's fantastic you found other ways to cope and only emailed once, that's a huge step for you and something to be proud of. The eventual goal for therapy is for clients to "fly on their own" and so every small step toward that, is great. No one says you can't reach out if need be but it's awesome that you explored other things as well and hopefully you found some of it helpful.

I agree with needing MC again, it's a good idea I think if you can convince H to do it. It sounds like it went well, so I'm happy to hear it. I hope you give yourself some credit for the huge progress you made with contact while he was away, you deserve it! Well done.
Grief is the price you pay for love.
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