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Default Re: Explaining autism to someone autistic

May I ask what country she is from? Sometimes knowing more of the culture can help.
I learned a lot in my social psychology class that helped me understand neurotypicals and social situations, like how far away to stand. There are also ways to teach her when someone is done listening (they look away, stop responding, start moving a lot) so that she doesnít keep going with the monologue when neutprotypicals donít understand that she needs to be gently told they need to go.
I was not diagnosed until I was 30 and I was punished a lot for my autism. It is hard to get past that. But I learned a lot about being in the neurotypical world. Now, most days, even my T has a hard time remembering I am autistic... it is just that it is learned and I have to think about it rather than it being natural.
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