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Default Re: What is the difference between PTSD and CPTSD?

Originally Posted by Anonymous57363 View Post
Hello. I was diagnosed with PTSD and had never heard of Complicated PTSD until I came to this forum. One person said that C-PTSD is like narcissistic personality disorder. Is that accurate? If that's true, then wouldn't it fall in the personality disorder section? Would anyone care to explain? What am I missing? Thank you
Hi Anonymous,

Complex PTSD is not at all remotely similar to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

It is said that everyone who has had a relationship with the Narcissist will have some form of Complex PTSD as a result.

Complex PTSD is a result of multiple traumas in life. It is a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances; abnormal being narcissistic abuse.

Those with Complex PTSD often do not like themselves because they have been treated so poorly in life. Their abusers created an environment with toxic shame, which is unfortunately adopted by those who suffer with Complex PTSD. The repeated traumas destroy the ability to trust, to connect to others and to feel safe in the world.

Narcissists feel like they are the superior beings and will exploit others in order to win. They rarely if ever have the ability to empathize and are constantly thinking about themselves and what serves them. They choose targets who are vulnerable and easily manipulated. They do this because they know if their targets defend themselves, they will have little or no credibility and the abuse will remain hidden.

Complex PTSD sufferers are empaths. They understand pain and are survivors of abuse.

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