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Default Re: When does PTSD start?

Originally Posted by misfit77 View Post
I feel like I should know when it starts, but I really donít.

Hereís my story. I had twins in early November. Shortly after their birth one of them almost died. He turned blue and my husband and I had to resuscitate him. He then spent a few weeks at a childrenís hospital in NICU. Heís fine now, we think, but he did suffer some minor brain damage and only time will tell how it will effect him. Because we live in Canada we have a lot of great resources and he is going to be followed up with a lot of care. Iím optimistic.

Iím currently very sleep deprived. I also have a 2 1/2 year old. I donít feel I ever really dealt with what happened to my son. I donít feel like I have any lingering issues-but because I didnít deal with it I worry I will. I have become choked up when EMS vehicles go by. I feel like Iíve been on autopilot since my twins were born. What will happen when I come out of the haze? I thought he was dead. He looked dead. Fortunately my husband and I took infant CPR and we were able to resuscitate him shortly before first responders got to our house. Both twins sleepmwith breathing monitors on their diapers which helps me sleep.

Iím concerned because Iím not good with death. Iíve always had a huge fear of losing people I love. My children of course would be the worst. I have some OCD about it (intrusive thoughts) that Iíve learned to manage through past therapy.

Is there something I should be doing so this doesnít turn into PTSD? Iíve had mild PTSD in the past from something else. Iím not in therapy right now.

Hi Misfit77,

I am very sorry you experienced this. Thankfully you were able to save your child's life. That is amazing news!

To answer your question, the DSM gives a rough estimate for whether PTSD becomes diagnosable if it has lasted for a long time after the event, however, it is still PTSD symptoms. If you are feeling any of the symptoms of PTSD then you could safely say you have PTSD. The events you have shared are certainly traumatic and it makes sense that you feel the way you do.

Be gentle with yourself and know that you saved a life. Think of the day when you can tell your children about it.

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