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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

My friend's daughter (13 yrs old) is deaf, but hears a little with hearing aids. I didn't know her when she was younger, so it has taken us time to feel safe together - to communicate as best we can. It's a journey. She is very much her own person, but obviously it's harder to be extrovert unless you can sign with others or know people well.

Your job sounds fairly brutal, and I've had a few brutal jobs despite not being deaf. Is there any place in state that helps people with disabilities find jobs with accommodations.

Please forgive if I'm being na´ve about how difficult this is for you but I did an internet search on places where you might find advocacy or supportive networking:
Dealing With Work and Being Deaf - article written in 2018 with resources for finding work, and keeping work.
Facebook networking for deaf people in Arkansas, with links to other Arkansas organisations for deaf people: Arkansas Association of the Deaf - Home | Facebook

Important to have allies: sometimes in life you have to fight when you least feel up to it. When I was very sick indeed and without an income a friend forced me to fight past vomiting, no food, poverty and discrimination: she was absolutely ruthless but I will always thank her or I wouldn't be living an ok life right now.
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