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Originally Posted by TheSeaCat View Post
Hello everyone and happy Sunday. To be honest I am honestly exausted; the time change really hurt me this morning. I hate spring for this reason; the terrible time change; I love the option of getting nice weather but I hate springing forward. My body and brain was not at all happy with the time change; it likes fall but spring is usually hard on my body.

I'm not doing the best had a pretty emotionally exhausting day today and I know tomorrow isn't going to be any better with the emotional exhausted feeling. Today was pretty terrible honestly.

I went to church which was nice but lunch out with his parents was not the best; plus my worry is really starting to get the best of me and stressing me out. I just feel exhausted after today; I am not looking forward to tomorrow at all.

I am still at the boyfriends place at least for a little while longer.

Sorry I feel like I haven't been posting a lot regarding updates; I've just had a lot on my mind.

Hugs to everyone
I am so sorry you had such a terrible day and are feeling so exhausted. After tomorrow is there any time that you can take to yourself and rest a bit? It sounds like you need a little break or you will reach breaking point. Keep us up to date if you can. I really hope things improve soon.
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