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Default Being dependent on medications.

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
So, so often I hear people say things like: " I do not want to become dependent on meds" "I should be able to do the things that meds do for me so I shouldnt need them" " I had side effects with xyz meds so I refuse to try new meds" " I have tried EVERY med out there and the combos-nothing works"

Stuff like that. And I have found that those types of statements or feelings seem to be most common when talking about psychiatric meds.

What is wrong about being dependent on psychiatric meds? I have high blood pressure and am dependent on Metropolol- there is nothing wrong. I have Sjogren's disease and dry eyes and light sensitivity so I wear night vision glasses and am dependent on them. A diabetic is dependent on their insulin.

Why is it ok for us to say we do not want to be dependent on meds for our mental health yet be willing to be dependent on something like blood pressure meds? And before anyone says it I will: People are quick to point out that without blood pressure meds you could have a heart attack. That without insulin you could die. That without glasses you may not be able to drive or read. stuff like that. Because poor mental health and untreated mental health is as -or more dangerous to our well being. And that has been proven time and again- read here about those suffering and how meds have saved their lives, then you can maybe see the merit in treatment and taking medication.

Another thing I see and hear is people do not want to be addicted to meds. And very often they swap dependence addiction. Dependence does not mean addiction.

I was addicted to alcohol.

Someone is addicted to drugs.

Others are addicted to prescription drugs.

I am dependent on my cymbalta.

You will not see me standing on the corner tweeking out because being dependent on medication means I can manage my addictions. It means that someone can manage their bipolar, or depression or anxiety

A lot of people or groups prey upon us by stoking the fears about medication. Or feel like its a lack of will power or desire to get well. Go into a mental health ward and find me someone who likes having a mental illness and just happens to have no will power so they just go along being miserable.

Scientologists are famous for these types of thinking. They believe it is you own fault for having a mental illness (if you can get a scientologist to even believe in mental illness) and its about the negative energy and past memories that are causing the illness.

Science has proven time and again that there are genetic links predisposing people to mental illnesses and that there are actual chemical imbalances in the brain that medication can correct. I read in depth wordy information about the meds I take and if I could explain and understand chemistry better I would share it.

But it is a fact that these medications treat a very real thing that not only manifests itself physically, but mentally too.

I am writing this disjointed post in hopes of putting people at ease, trying to clarify misinformation but mostly because I am very passionate about science and evidence based treatments.

What do you all think?

I agree with you. If the medication works, take it. I tried several and didnít tolerate the side effects. I would be willing to try something again though and if it worked I see no reason not to take it.
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