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Default Re: Efficacy Variations with Adderall XR/IR Generics

I take Adderall for severe fatigue that is part of my depression. I was taking XR in the morning with a 15 mg IR boost in the afternoon but it was losing effectiveness, so I'm trying to just take the IR in the morning and afternoon, to see if that makes a difference. My IR is Auribindo and I might have felt better on a different brand in the past. Have you taken the Auribindo yet? I'm due for a refill soon and think I might shop around to see who carries which brand. I definitely don't like Auribindo brand of another med I take, so maybe Auribindo is just not a reliable brand...I'm feeling pretty tired today, so something needs to change

Originally Posted by Bzybee816 View Post
I have been taking generic Adderall XR and Adderall since March. At Walmart, my XR 20 mg was a blue capsule with "R3060" (by Actavis Elizabeth LLC according to a Google search) and 10mg IR blue oval tablet with "B 972" (by TEVA via Google). This past month, I switched to Kroger for meds due to cost, and all my meds were from different manufacturers. The XR 20 mg was an oragne capsule with "M Amphet Salts 20 mg" (bottle states it's from Prasco) and the 10mg IR blue round tablet with "U27" (bottle states Aurobindo Phar).
(I switched pharmacies when I lost my college insurance and went back on my parents'... I used to pay $10 max/script but my dad's is crappy insurance with an $11,000 deductible... So I used GoodRx to figure out the cheapest place to go).

Anyway, I feel pretty crappy since switching to the Kroger meds (I take generic Luvox too, but I'm making a separate post on that), and all look different/have different manufacturers from my Walmart ones, so I am trying to determine if it's just one of meds or all making me feel bad.

I have yet to take the Aurobindo IR tablets since I had some remaining from my last Walmart script, but I have been taking the Prasco XR for the past 21 days. There's not as much of a discernible "meds kicking in" feeling 30-60 minutes after taking the XR, and it only feels effective for maybe an hour. My motivation/energy levels are lower than when I was on the Actavis blue capsule. Additionally, I had bad headaches in the evenings when first taking the Prasco and I've felt nauseous the past 1-2 weeks. I feel like I have a brain fog and fuzzy vision (if that even makes sense). I've also felt more depressed/down since starting the Prasco XR (my boyfriend's car was also totaled Thanksgiving weekend thanks to a deer on the interstate, and I feel guilty about that because he was waiting on me to get ready to head back and if we'd left earlier the deer maybe wouldn't have been as active and maybe we'd have missed the rain). Anyway, this XR med feels totally non-effective, and I'm debating going back to Walmart for meds even though it'll cost more (and I and my boyfriend are low on cash due to his car and me not being able to find a job with my degree).

TL;DR Have you noticed varying efficacy when taking different manufacturers' generic Adderall XR/IR meds?
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