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Default Re: People are ruder lately?

Originally Posted by Mountaindewed View Post
Has anyone noticed this? Iíve noticed people are becoming a lot more snippy and are just rude in general. Not even just to me. But I feel as a society we are not as nice as were before, and things are not being done the right way. This all happened today.

I was at Sonic today. I was the only in the drive thru. I waited 15 minutes for an iced coffee and a drink. 15 minutes passed and the guy said the coffee was bad and he had to make another pot and he told us to pull up. Another 10 minutes came back and he handed us the coffee. I donít usually complain but it seems ridiculous to wait 25 minutes for an iced coffee.

Then my mom wanted to buy something at Home Depot. She had a lot of questions to ask. When we left I looked behind me and I saw the employee roll her eyes dramatically at her other coworker. My mom was not being rude or annoying at all.

Then at the grocery store a lady was blocking an asile with her cart. She didnít move so My mom said that we could go around. The lady said ďperfectĒ in a sarcastic tone.

Itís just this type of stuff Iím noticing more and more and not even with my own family and I but with strangers as well. Should I complain to Sonic about the iced coffee wait? Because I have had issues with this Sonic 3 other times and itís the only one near me. So I canít go to a different one.
I.understand! I had my own problem with sonic and people in general who are rude.
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