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Default Re: What if one cannot conceptualize "soothing"?

Originally Posted by Open Eyes View Post
Back in the 60's they did an experiment with a baby monkey where they took away the mother and replaced the mother with this metal thing it could cling to. There was not fur or warmth or loving when this baby monkey was fed either. The wanted to see what would happen with this baby without any nurturing. Also, this baby was not exposed to any socializing or other monkeys.

When this baby got older they finally put it in a cage with other monkeys, it could not interact at all, was terrified and kept trying to get away from the other monkeys. It was so bad that they had to return it to it's own cage where it lived alone the rest of it's life. I was young when I watched that and thought it was so cruel and sad that I never forgot it.

So to answer your question, that can contribute to not being able to understand the concept of soothing and comforting.
I'm very familiar with this experiment, and that was basically what happened to me, complete with end result.
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