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So today went quite smoothly too. i made some mistakes at work and for that i felt even more insecure but i didnt let it bother me too much. the benzos im taking are helping a lot even though i dont plan on taking them tonight because i have to wake up earlier tomorrow and i dont want to be mentally sleeping at work.

today, i even took a nap during lunch break. in a sense, the benzos are making things harder because all i want to do is stay in bed, eat and sleep but on the other hand it helps me calming down and keeping my anxiety under control. i hope tomorrow will continue like this.

tomorrow after work im seeing my T. i dont feel i have much to tell her, in spite of how much im posting here. afterwards, my dad will come at my place to help me with some works that need to be done in my flat and that i wouldnt be able to do by myself. i know that by doing, my dad shows me he does care but there are so many other times that with words he says how much he doesnt care really. i dont know…

and then for dinner im going to take at my parents home some kebab and i'll sleep there. im glad im going there because it breaks the week in two and i get to rest more (not more but better) than if i stayed at my flat. so this week should be easier than the past one. i really hope so. routine is sinking in and it does make things easier. im glad i've been paying attention and building it up.
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