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Default Re: Sense of self

I know what I'm not.

I'm not a gold coin.
I'm not Miss Sympathy.
I'm not sacrificing my wishes to please anyone.

Either you take me at face value, or don't take me at all.
Most important, I don't care what or who thinks about me.
I have absolutely no shame or fear.
If I said it, it is said. Your turn.

That's my relationship with the world.
Now, internally is not that simple.

I'm my worst enemy. Never my best critic.
I've taken self destruction to a sport.
A torrent of talent. Wasted.
No regrets. It was pre destined to be this way.

Besides, my life is almost ending, to worry about
what could have been.
This dude is too complicated for a simple man.
No effort will be wasted trying to figure myself out.

]Roses are red. Violets are blue.[

Look for the positive in the negative. PIRILON.
If lemons fall from the sky, make lemonade. Unknown.
Nothing stronger than habit. Victor Hugo.
You are the slave of what you say,
and the master of what you keep. Unknown.
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