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Default Re: Videogame thread?

Originally Posted by Loial View Post
Thatís awesome @Blue_Bird

What games did you buy with it? Whenís it due to be delivered?

Iíd recommend getting a screen protector if you didnít already. Just makes sure the screen doesnít get damaged putting it in and out of the dock.

The only other accessory I have is a case that fits the switch (without dock or power adapter) with space for 5 games. Handy if you want to travel with it.

It says it will be here the 28th or 29th I bough Pokťmon let's Go: Pikachu (with the pokeball accessory thing) and Stardew Valley, I figured that's enough for right now. I might possibly get another game next month. Truberbrook looks really cool so I might pre order that. It comes out April 23rd.

I'll have to get a screen protector then, I didn't think about that. I'll stop by the store in the next week and grab one

There's tons of games on my list to get and also ones that will be released I want but I'm starting off slow since I already have a lot of games on my 360 and 3DS I still want to play as well

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