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Originally Posted by splitimage View Post
Congratulations on not going out and buying a bottle. That was strong.

I'm sorry mental health dumped you - I don't know where you are, or understand how the system works where you are, but that doesn't seem fair. Can you appeal, or ask for a referral to someplace else?

Hang in there.


I live on the opposite side of the country in British Columbia...

I am going to write a formal complaint as well as talk with human rights. And I am seeing my doctor on Monday.

They said they couldnít have too many hands in the pie as my doctor prescribes my meds as well. I donít think they understand not psych meds my physical health meds. They wanted me to conform I butt heads with the case manager she didnít talk to me for 9 weeks or saw me either. She expected me to show up when I was in pain before my ovarian cyst diagnosis. I wanted to go to the group therapy I did but my physical health prevented me.

She said she is an advocate but she has screwed me royally. I wasted 8 years with mental health I conformed by taking medication jumping through hoops and going to DBT and CBT.

Now I have nothing but anger, beyond anger itís that I am infuriated.

I have issues and now I am alone in this battle. I pay to see student counsellor they think itís covered itís not. They think I see addictions counsellor but she is on medical leave because she had knee surgery. They say i also see this person or that person in town but I donít. All these he said she said arguments untruthful bias no treating the individual as a whole.

I used to have a driver to my appointments now I donít have that. I no longer have psychiatrist or a case manager.

My case manager said once ďI am not going anywhere... no need to worry!Ē She is superficial and very fake.

I hope you never have to run into anything like that.
Love, Light and Happiness!!!
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