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Default Re: Videogame thread?

Originally Posted by Blue_Bird View Post
It says it will be here the 28th or 29th I bough Pokémon let's Go: Pikachu (with the pokeball accessory thing) and Stardew Valley, I figured that's enough for right now. I might possibly get another game next month. Truberbrook looks really cool so I might pre order that. It comes out April 23rd.

I'll have to get a screen protector then, I didn't think about that. I'll stop by the store in the next week and grab one

There's tons of games on my list to get and also ones that will be released I want but I'm starting off slow since I already have a lot of games on my 360 and 3DS I still want to play as well

I didn’t bother with the pokeball controller. Looks fun but pretty expensive for what it is... let me know what you think of it!

If you ever want to trade Pokemon on Lets Go to get version specifics or the few final evolutions that need trades just shout. You do need an online subscription though but you can get a weeks trial or just buy a month for dirt cheap.

I’ve finished the main game and am just doing post game stuff now. I’m doing some master trainers. Very time consuming though so might not do them all... but I think I will aim to complete my Pokédex.

*edit* - oh wait we will have the same version. Still I might have spare from Pokemon Go I can fire your way. That’s how I got all the version specific ones myself.
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