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Smile Re: Bizi's new 2019 thread

Thursday night we went to an opera at the university.

It was opening night fun, a comedy.

For lunch friday, I ate a stuffed flounder and had a bowl of brocolli and cheese soup it was delicious, I came late and they had saved me a serving!!!! I had mentioned it in a face book post that I was coming late. They spoil me because I am a good customer.

Last night we went to the out door concert at Down town alive.
WE listened to some great music and vocals by evette landry and rodney romero and even danced a bit. Think honky tonk, folks/cajun music.

Hard to describe.

We are awful dancers but had fun which is all that matters.
Friday night: I ate too much. Shrimp ettoffee and fried catfish. There was alot of sauce and rice which I did not eat it all as it was so much food, jeff helped me a bit and threw away the rest. So that was good. I ate with in my 8 hour window of time so am still Intermittant fasting.

180.9 this morning and steady. I have been hovering around 180 for a week now. Would like to see 179 soon.

Will really watch the carbs this weekend....

This morning had my car looked at as my air conditioner is broken. Firestone could not diagnose the problem so they did my requested oil change and tire rotation and I will have to take it to the dealership.

I will have to rent a car.

Just what I don't need to do, and sounds like it could be very expensive to fix. We had already been talking about me trading in the car for a new one. They won't take it if the a/c does not work! I already miss it as we have been having sunny days which heat up the car so I roll down the windows to get the air flowing. It has worked great so far. Unless I get a hot flash then I am just sweating.

Have not heard from the lawyer, but remain busy getting doctor orders on my clients. Am trying to work on them about 10 days in advance to obtain orders. So far it is working. It is a pain but necessary. I have received 130 Orders from doctors so far and that makes me feel good. I am having difficulty in obtaining orders from this one nurse practitioner. I guess I will have to fax to her the 3 page document laying out the need for orders.

She doesn't think I need them.
Slept in late today, felt good.
Need to get ready for the day.
WE are going to the symphony tonight, we were given a voucher for reduced price tickets so we shall see if we can get a good seat.
Jeffs banquet is in a month. I really don't have anything to wear that fits me.

Which makes me think I need to go shopping which I hate doing.

I have some kolhs gift cards from christmas that I can use.
I do have a flashy leopard/ gold and copper shirt....I don't have any pants dressy enough. I hate buying clothes when I know that I will lose this weight. Let me try on some clothes way back in my closet, maybe I do have a larger pair of black pants that I can wear. If I do then I have an outfit and don't have to shop!!!!!

Sunday there is a jazz violinist concert to go to in the afternoon.

So this is a musical weekend!

I have some paperwork that I need to do, Filing and charting.
Things will settle down when I finally see every one of my clients and have obtained their MD's orders.

Make it a great weekend!
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Geodon 80mg twice a day
Lamictal 200mg twice a day
klonipin .5 mg at night
3mg of prolonged release melatonin at night
5mg zyprexa at night

magnesium 1250mg, probiotic, turmeric twice a day,
vit d3 5,000units, calcium 300mg twice a day,
vit c 1000mg, fish oils 1000mg ,co-q10 100mg,
multi-vitamin and mineral, tarte cherry, boswallia.
12 pills at noon
11 pills at night
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