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Default Re: coping with schizophrenia

I think talking with locals is an efficient and affordable way to get information about my zip code area.

Newspapers don't really talk about my neighborhood but rather bigger communities, so specific information from newspapers can be scarce.

I can gather some information from the government, but the smallest level of government is the city government. So I would be getting information pertaining to my whole city or my community district, which are both greater than my zip code area. Also, the government sometimes publishes data on an annual basis, which might not be current enough to be useful for me. and the government is also obligated to be confidential, so I wouldn't be able to get client-specific information.

the internet itself can be great for getting information, but it serves the whole world and doesn't always have information pertaining to my zip code area. Google map has outdated information about some local businesses that help me understand the local zip code area but links to a plethora of current information on big businesses that might not have explicit local information since they serve multiple zip code areas and cities.

There are many instances where I can buy information, but I'd have to consider the value of such information. For instance, i can buy current newspapers rather than read old newspapers in public archieves but even current newspapers might not have information about my zip code area. There are people who sell data on the internet, but the internet is also full of scams and misinformation.

the idea, of talking to people for information, is quite unknown to me. I've been avoiding it because I've always felt that I could get information in other ways (which I can but sometimes tediously and indirectly.) i also have a mental illness that makes it hard to interact with others. I know that there are some people who are prejudice against me because of my background and mental illness.

So if I do talk to locals for information, I'll need to carefully plan such method of securing information. If anything, I can probably talk to employers, employees, or people associated with a specific trade of interest to get information on that local trade's economy. I can also casually talk to people standing outside of specific trade stores.

I can also volunteer, and get information from talking to people while volunteering.

I can probably also eavesdrop on public conversations too, but that's indirect and a bit inefficient.
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