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Default Re: Tendency to Hoard things

Granted. I'm a hoarder.
I try to disguise it as collections, but is hoarding.

My youngest son calls me OCD.
Just because the clothes have to be in the same type of hanger,
pointing to the same direction, in the same rack per type,
and of course, color coded.
That ain't no OCD. It's order, lol.

Now, my worst problem with the hoarding thing,
is that every time I throw away anything, I need it right away.
It doesn\t matter that it has been sitting in the shelves for years.

Yep, it's better to be a have-much, that a have-not.
Althought I've been happy when what I had was little.
Always thankfull.
I came here naked. And will live the room in the same fashion.

]Roses are red. Violets are blue.[

Look for the positive in the negative. PIRILON.
If lemons fall from the sky, make lemonade. Unknown.
Nothing stronger than habit. Victor Hugo.
You are the slave of what you say,
and the master of what you keep. Unknown.
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