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Default Re: Is anyone moderating this forum?

Originally Posted by trillionbytes View Post
I was just browsing out of curiosity, but I was shocked by some of the things people without NPD are saying to people with NPD in this "safe space". Tons of posts about how NPD can't be cured, extremely hostile statements toward NPD people, claiming that if a poster wants to address their issues they must not really have NPD... Really upsetting stuff. And I'm just a bystander, not someone here to get support for a shocking new diagnosis.
I believe most of these people (and I admit, including myself) are complaining about their personal experiences of being abused by narcissists, rather than narcissists per se.

Maybe we should have distinguished between people who have NPD, and people who have NPD who are abusive. There are many people with personality disorders who are non-abusive, and many people without any diagnosis who are abusive.

I'm really sorry that your feelings were hurt.
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