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Default Re: Living With Complex PTSD & Navigating Every Day Life ...

Grand jury duty I would think would be a little less stressful but still could be triggering.

This helped me understand the differences in jury duty requirements:

A grand jury helps determine whether charges should be brought against a suspect, while a trial jury renders a verdict at the criminal trial itself. Put differently, a grand jury hands down an indictment at the beginning of a case, while a trial jury decides guilt or innocence at the very end
I actually got myself out of jury duty just after I moved here where I didn't know anyone..
.I immediately got jury duty request within months. I wrote a letter & explained that living alone in the country & not knowing who is relatet to who in this small community I was not willing to put my life at risk serving on a jury. Also let them know I was on disability for depression, anxiety & was dealing with PTSD. Lol....I never heard from them again. Guess they permanently took my name off the list. I have gone to court & the DA even handled a criminal case for me. Also supported our DA in several animal (horse) cruelty cases. But serving in a jury.....whole different can of worms in a small town.

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