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Red face Re: Bizi's new 2019 thread

I looked at my yo yo weight gain and loss over the past 3 1/2 months...
My highs have always been surrounding drinking periods.

12-16-18= 170.8 Before christmas break
1-7-19= 187.8 After christmas break
2-23-19= 179.6 before mardi gras...2 weeks of partying
3-6-19= 190.8 after fat tuesday(mardi gras)
3-28-19= 178.5 3 weeks alcohol free for lent.
that is 12.3 ponds lost in 3 weeks.( I had gained 20 pounds in 3 months!)
Even with the weight lost, I am still up 8 pounds since before christmas break.

A year ago I weighed 175.
Even though that is only a 3.5 weight gain for the year...
I look so much heavier. I have a beer gut when I did not have one before.
And I know this will be the hardest area to lose weight!

Even so, being that heavy, I know that some of that was the bloat
from drinking so heavily so I really was not 190.8
but it was a real eye opener to see that number.
I had not been that heavy in 18 years!
The bottom line is that I lose weight by not drinking.
I make better food choices and am able to do an
Intermittant fasting diet by not eating nor drinking past dinner.
Not drinking is the answer to weight loss for me.
on an unrelated note:
Heard that my insurance company were not going to reimburse any of my claim from the rock taking out my sensor/air conditioning. They charged me $1080...they said it was a $500 job so the dealer ship way over charged me. They might cover my rental car for $100. We will see.
BP 1

Geodon 80mg twice a day
Lamictal 200mg twice a day
klonipin .5 mg at night
3mg of prolonged release melatonin at night
5mg zyprexa at night

magnesium 1250mg, probiotic, turmeric twice a day,
vit d3 5,000units, calcium 300mg twice a day,
vit c 1000mg, fish oils 1000mg ,co-q10 100mg,
multi-vitamin and mineral, tarte cherry, boswallia.
12 pills at noon
11 pills at night

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