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Smile Re: Bizi's new 2019 thread

I met erin a couple of years ago at a christmas party.
About a month ago I gave her my business card with my cell phone number on it and she gave me hers, and asked if she wanted to get together some time.
So monday she texted to see if I was going to trivia on friday, and I said yes.
She is a teacher at an elementary school, teaches math(I think).
Jeff had a gig so he was not at trivia.
Erin stated that she wanted to go to the big bang percussion concert tonight and could not find anyone to go and I said that I had wanted to go too. So we are meeting up tonight at 7 or so, it starts at 7:30.
(Jeff has another gig and he will be gone from 6:15 to home around 10;30)
long gig for little money. It is the big band 20 piece band, think 40's music. they all wear tuxes and people dance waltz and ball room, elderly crowd and some youngsters who dance swing. I have been 3-4 times before and they play pretty much the same music and I don't like going alone.
So I am glad Erin mentioned it to me. She is in her late 30's. no children, her husband is a pastry chef at a wonderful bakery in town.
They live not too far from us.
No one asked me why I was just drinking water. Maybe they knew that I gave up alcohol for lent????
Trivia was fun. There were 5 of us on the team....My fellow team members are quite competitive. You are only allowed 4 members per team and I always say that I am not playing because I am so terrible at trivia.
Occasionally I will verbalize an answer but usually it is wrong like last night. I thought it was a typhoon that did all of the damage to africa this past week. IT was a cyclone.
any way I need to get dressed, finished my 3rd cup of coffee.

My poor nose is a disaster area. My rosacea is really creating havoc, so many pimples and sores...I can't keep from messing with them...need to leave them alone. The concealer that I use is from 10 years ago and I think is contributing to the problem. So I ordered from amazon some new concealer the same brand so that was lucky. Golden honey.It should be here next week.

need to get going.
Want to rake today.
I looks nice outside.
Have a great day , hugs to those who need them thanks for reading.
BP 1

Geodon 80mg twice a day
Lamictal 200mg twice a day
klonipin .5 mg at night
3mg of prolonged release melatonin at night
5mg zyprexa at night

magnesium 1250mg, probiotic, turmeric twice a day,
vit d3 5,000units, calcium 300mg twice a day,
vit c 1000mg, fish oils 1000mg ,co-q10 100mg,
multi-vitamin and mineral, tarte cherry, boswallia.
12 pills at noon
11 pills at night
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