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Default Re: Alcoholism ~ In Dire Need of Support

Hello LittleEarthquakes,

I am so sorry you are struggling with chemical dependence on alcohol. You mentioned that you are not seeking medical advice. Is it okay to ask if you have a MD you trust? Since you are being treated for stomach ulcers at a young age, I assume your doc knows that you're struggling with alcohol. Are you able to speak candidly with the he/she can medically answer your fears about damage to your body...they should be able to evaluate that and explain so you know where you stand from a physiological point of view.

Have you ever talked to a therapist about the cravings? About why you drink? Do you know why you drink....I mean aside from the chem dep....why did you start drinking? I have known quite a few folks struggling with chem dep....they all experienced prior trauma in their lives....they were trying to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs which unfortunately leads to more trauma as you know.

I think the key for someone to heal from chemical dependence is to have professional support with healing from the trauma or mental illness which is triggering the desire to learn how to replace the self-medication with safer ways of coping. I hope that idea does not offend you. I obviously don't know you or your history. Am I way off to suggest that there was intense pain in your life even prior to the drinking problem?

I wonder if you will find some comfort in the Ted Talk I have linked here. There are some really important ideas presented about addiction. Reminded me of my brother.

Ted Talk: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

My best recommendation would be to find a kind and non-judgmental therapist with a background in caring for clients struggling with chem dep. Talk to that person. Tell them your fears. See what happens. You are 24 and your brain, though troubled now, has a remarkable capacity to re-wire with the right intervention.

The anxiety seems to be overwhelming you right now....that could likely lead to more drinking as you try to getting caught in a loop, right? What else could help your anxiety? To break the loop. What might make you feel better, even for an hour or two as a start?

I wish you peace, hope, good health, and a bright future. You deserve it. Remember that. You deserve peace and joy.

(Feel free to let me know what you think of the Ted Talk)

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