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Default Re: Welcome to the Bipolar Forum (part 2)

Hi there everyone, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1980 and though prescribed Lithium at the time, I only used it for a few days. I never took any medication (though plenty of alcohol), and subsequently went through a rocky road for the first 15 years, but eventually by 20 years I was mostly free from deep states of depression, and alternatively delusions of grandeur. Now I think most people I interact with would not be aware that I was ever a sufferer of bipolarity. The main reason I attribute to my transcending the terrible condition, is learning to, and subsequently over many many years practicing mediation. It takes time, but it worked for me and my original psychiatrist who saw me in 2001, over 20 years after his diagnosis, told me that as a result of seeing my recovery, coupled with his witnessing the terrible side effects of Lithium on his patients he subscribed it to over that time, I had done the right thing in not taking it.
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