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Default Re: Heart rate variability and health trackers

Originally Posted by Lilfae View Post
It's not just me being weak, and it's not something I can just snap out of. It's real, and it shows so clearly why I'm so tired all the time. For others, their sypathetic nervous system works hard when they work out etc, and afterwards their parasympathetic nervous system makes them relax and regenerate. My sympathetic nervous system is working hard _all the time_, and my repressed parasympathetic nervous system has a hard time gathering strenght for my body. I feel like this makes me a bit more confident.
Hi Lilfae -

Thanks so much for posting all this! It makes sense, and I hadn't really thought too much about what that means... but (at least according to Welltory), my parasympathetic immune system seems to be struggling too, no wonder my stress scores are almost always high and I'm tired almost all the time.

It's interesting. Did you find anything online that helped you understand the numbers? (I tried googling, but didn't find much that seemed helpful.)

Do you have the paid version, and is it worth it? I read their stuff about accuracy (how they tested versus a heart rate monitor to establish accuracy) - but, I'm also doing neurofeedback right now with a really smart brain guy, and he sort of dismissed anything that uses the camera phone to get HRV readings as not very accurate. Although, I think he's also more in favor of "don't take the readings as absolute values, establish a baseline and watch for changes".

I jotted down ~17 readings worth of numbers before my trial expired (I don't think I can get to the specifics anymore without paying), if you're curious and want something to compare too... I also did blood pressure for several at the end (geeked out a bit!)

My MxDMn score (which apparently refers to the parasympathetic nervous system, it's the one that kept telling me that I might be under chronic stress) was marked as *yellow* in 16/17 trials... with the lowest score being 0.08 (yikes) and the highest (the one that was in the normal range) at 0.27.

My "Total Power" was also really bad across the board - like 10/17 readings were marked as "red" which is kind of scary, then 6/17 were yellow, with just one normal! I wish I understood this better! (Obviously, the component waves that make up total power were all on the low side too - but none red, just lots of yellow.)

Oh gosh, my lowest "total power" score was 416 (the range is supposed to be 3000-17000) - yikes.

Anything you've found that helps your sleep? I recently tried the "Snore Labs" app and found, to my horror, I snore - which I think is making my sleep worse. I'm trying to do better with sleep and, after seeing the Welltory info, I think I need to work harder on fitting meditation in to my day (my stress scores were pretty high across the board too). And trying to lose some weight, to help with the snoring and thus the sleep.

It's super cool though to be able to see! Thanks again for bringing it up!!!
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