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Default Re: lack of determination

Originally Posted by hvert View Post
It would be nice if you could move to the vineyard and produce and sell enough wine to survive
That would be nice, but everyone there have vineyard and our it's just a small one.
If you want to earn money with wine, you need to have huge vineyard.

Well, yea, i know, if things won't work like i want. There always must be a plan B.
At this moment, there's no option for rent my part of house.
There's also a room for my mother, whenever comes here and it could be in short term my exit if something goes wrong.

I have tried white noise, but i don't like it, makes me even more nervous.
Fans no.

I think, it could be already better situation, if i can find a job without night shifts. Problem is mostly when i come to home in the morning and then everyone wakes up.
Also, away from negative energy. Working with negative people makes you in long term very tired , especially if you're sensitive person and you can easy absorb their energy, but that's just the way i am.
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